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Watercolors can be very relaxing.

Limited detail to distract the mind,

but sufficient to hold the eye.

The paintings, sketches, photographs and inspirational posters on this site are all my own original works. Mostly landscapes, mountain scenes and seascapes.  They are excellent for home or office decor.

All of my watercolor paintings are signed JSD on the front, along with the year and are signed and numbered on the back.  I retain all Copyrights and Reproduction rights.

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To view the paintings on this site:
1. Select from a page of thumbnails of all my paintings, those you want to see.
2. Sequentially view all the paintings from #13 up or down, (could take a while!)
3. View thumbnails of my 45 favorite paintings and select those you want to see larger copies of.
Also, if you're curious, I have posted some of my sketches.


This page was last updated 15th Oct 2023