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First, and most importantly, to me, I am a Christian - that simply means a follower of Jesus Christ.


Though I have made some poor choices and decisions in my life, I know God loves me and proved it by sending Jesus to die for me. Though I still have to suffer the consequences of my decisions here on earth, the eternal consequences have been paid in full.


I am blessed to have been raised on the mission field, in Nigeria. My parents taught me the foundational truths about God and His desire for my life.


I retired in 2005, from air traffic control and went back to school in 2008, for Drafting and Design Technology, I still found myself with time on my hands, and the urge to paint grabbed me again, (I had painted with oils and acrylics in the early 70's.


Instead of returning to oils or acrylics, I decided to try watercolors and I soon became engrossed in the medium. Credit for some of my techniques has to go to Bob Ross -  "The Joy of Painting", (even though he was not painting with watercolors).


Today, I do a little painting and I have put my paintings online to sell and to solicit feedback. I realize an artist sometimes has a higher opinion of his own work than most others, so I would love to hear your feedback.


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